Saturday, 11 October 2014

Top 5 Sites for Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Sites for Social Media Marketing

Social media is sweeping the internet as the next think big and important when it comes to reaching potential clients and customers and improve brand image. Many new social medial sites pop up all the time, but not always do it in the mainstream. Some of the deepest places of social media marketing that simply can not be overlooked include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Slideshare.


The days of using Facebook simply to connect with family and friends have changed. Today, Facebook is used by businesses to create a strong brand image, to shed light on new products or services to promote a brand and become more involved with customers and potential customers as well as existing customers . Facebook is a social media marketing site that many companies are using on a daily basis to help improve the image and brand presence online while learning about customer needs along the way.


Who would have thought that something as simple-saying what you mean in 140 characters or less-would take off so far? With millions of users and hundreds of millions of tweets sent every day, Twitter is a place to be for social media marketing. Many companies choose to use more than one Twitter profile so that they are able to interact with customers, potential customers, other members of the company and other areas of the social world at different levels.


A picture is worth a thousand words right? So why not publish hundreds of photos for the world to see? This site social media marketing is especially great for companies that sell products that show better as well as for those on the trip, the food and the restaurant or in the entertainment industry. Pinterest allows you to post pictures of what is happening in your business, what you like, what you're doing or anything more or less than you want-for the world to see!

Google Plus
Social media marketing will probably not be completed if Google does not at least have a say in what goes on! Google Plus is a relatively new site the media, but that is quickly sweeping the network. Let's face it, Google likes to rank sites that are in your network and Google Plus is just that! Google Plus is very similar to Facebook and some other social media sites that allow users to create circles and groups of friends, colleagues and fans who share similar interests.


Social media marketing is not just about sharing your last event or photo for businesses, Slideshare offers a way to show the world what they are talking about. Slideshare is a platform that allows users to publish their presentation slides for others to see and share. Marketers and business owners who are passionate about a particular topic can create a presentation on the topic, post the slides to Slideshare and portray his message to all who will see. Slideshare is fun to mix interactive messages, photos, slides and presentations in the mix of social media marketing.