Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Free Android Music Apps

Free Android Music Apps

Here are some great music streaming apps to discover, aside from Google Play Music

WiMP - responsible for my music education

Imagine millions of new songs to discover right at your fingertips, that’s what WiMP is, like Google Play Music and Spotify. WiMP combines the functionality from various apps: you’ve got offline mode when there’s no internet available, news and recommendations for the WiMP team as well as playlists made from music editors. Your music education is in good hands. Like many apps, you can share songs across your usual social apps and search by song, artist and album names. What I find really cool is that they’ve added song recognition via audio search, like apps like Shazam.

androidpit wimp

  Install from the Google Play Store.

 Deezer - No interruptions and offline mode 

What I love about this app is that you get offline mode and over 30 million tracks. While using it, I don’t think I ever had to listen to the same song twice and thanks to the pre-made playlists, I’m able to broaden my musical horizon with tons of awesome tunes. I can’t stop gushing there, because what this app has and Spotify doesn’t is that it's ad-free. Of course, thanks to the cloud storage, my favorite songs can be accessed on all my media outlets  (tablet, PC..). Feeling like some R&B? Deezer adds theme and artist radio channels, all of which can be controlled from your home screen.

andoidpit deezer

  Install from the Google Play Store.

 TuneIn Radio - Podcasts, shows, sports and more

This app differs in that it gives you access to live radio stations, podcasts, concerts and shows from around the globe.  You can even listen to football games and other sports, which is quite exciting for any sports fan who may be stuck at work during the playoffs. Of course, there’s cloud storage for listening on your PC as well as Android.

androidpit tunein

          Install from the Google Play Store.

 Pandora internet Radio - the kingping of online radio

Ok, so most of you have heard or used Pandora Internet Radio, but since it’s one of the best, I couldn’t pass up mentioning it. Just like Spotify, it’s a rich cornucopia of music to discover right on your Android smartphone. Like a magical musical faucet, you can stream music from around the world, break down your search to artists, songs, genres and even composers, nothing is too obscure for this app.

androidpit pandora

Install from the Google Play Store.

 Songza - It feels my mood and adds the vibes accordingly

Sort of like all the other apps where you can select the genre you are feeling, Songza breaks it down to what you are doing, your activities and the overall ambiance or mood. For exmaple, if it’s 30 degrees out, and you are chilling at the beach drinking Pina Coladas or SHirley Temples, there’s a Summertime mode. You want to get pumped for workout? Try the Energy Boost mode. Saw your ex just got married on Facebook? Turn on the Looking at Pictures of Your Ex playlist. You get the point. Other than mood categories, you’ve got genre and decade searches as well as tons of handmade playlists. Tablet support and sharing features are the cherry on top.

androidpit songza

Install from the Google Play Store.

 uSound Ares (MP3 Music) - Download music for keeps

Last but not least, this app downloads and streams tons of MP3 music from a bunch of providers via 3G and WiFi. The functions are quite different than the other apps listed here. You can make a favorites list, share music with contacts and tweak the search results to stop it from slurping up all of your mobile data. This app also allows you to use a downloaded song as a ringtone.

androidpit usound ares
Install uSound Ares (MP3 Music) from the Google Play Store.