Sunday, 2 March 2014

Change IP Address in Mozilla Firefox

Change IP Address in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to surf the Web anonymously, you need to use a proxy server to mask your IP address.

To avoid using third-party tools, Mozilla Firefox enables you to connect through a proxy by default. All you have to do is change the proxy settings to use the correct Internet protocol, or IP, address and port. The proxy IP address and port are provided by the proxy provider. You can find hundreds of free and premium proxies through a Google search.

STEP #1 to change IP address in Firefox

Go to your Firefox's dropdown menu for Tools -> Options
Step 1 to change IP address in Firefox

STEP #2 to change your IP address in Firefox

  • Click on the Advanced tab, and then on the Network tab.
  • In the "Connection" area, click Settings.
Step 2 to change IP address in Firefox


  • Check the box for "Manual proxy configuration".
  • Check the box "Use this proxy server for all protocols"
  • In the box "No Proxy for", enter "localhost," so that connections within your computer don't go through the external relay.
Step 3 to change Firefox IP address

STEP #4 to change IP address of Firefox

In the box that says "HTTP Proxy", enter the IP address of a working proxy server (see below) and its corresponding port to the right.

Step 4 to change IP address of Firefox

The "HTTP Proxy" that you use may either be a free public proxy that you find on the net, a private proxy that you own, or one that was given to you by a paid service such as iPrivacyTools.
If you opt for the free option (public proxies), be aware of the risks and do not submit any online forms that require login information, personal or financial data. It is very difficult or impossible to know whether a free relay is being operated by a legitimate party. If you're going to change your Firefox IP address often, it is highly advisable to use a private service - whether that be our service or another.

Last Step!

  • Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box to exit the setup.
  • Click on to see if your IP address has changed.
Step 2 to change IP address in Firefox
Congratulations on completing the change of IP address in Firefox!
Finally, to get your regular Internet connection back at anytime, simply repeat steps 1-2, and in step 3 check the box for "Direct connection to the Internet".