Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Why is Samsung trying to hide the Galaxy S5?

Why is Samsung trying to hide the Galaxy S5?

The most underwhelming Galaxy yet

So it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5 may make an appearance at MWC 2014 after all - but why? Samsung, do you have something to hide?
If Samsung was looking to get the maximum publicity for its marketing buck it would stick to the standalone launch event which served it so well for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4.
These events managed to generate almost Apple levels of hysteria and excitement - a buzz many manufacturers can only dream of, and one which should be carefully preserved, not thrown into a melee of announcements at MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Invite
The Galaxy S5 looks set to arrive at MWC

I'm not saying people will ignore the Galaxy S5 if it does arrive in Barcelona, everyone (myself included) will still cover it with the same vigor as previous Galaxy S launches as it's going to be one of the big phones of the year, no matter what turns up - but I'll be doing it in the middle of covering announcements from a multitude of other manufacturers.

All part of the plan

Samsung is going to lose out on coverage compared to previous years - there's no two ways about it.
But perhaps that's exactly what it's trying to do. Maybe Samsung has finally run out of ideas on how to reinvent the wheel on an annual basis and is fearing a backlash as it unveils a handset which boasts only minor improvements over the Galaxy S4.
People were not overly excited by the Galaxy S4, which brought a slightly updated design and new eye, face and hand tracking tech - branded a gimmick by some.
Taking a look at the Galaxy S5 rumors there doesn't seem to be a great deal to get properly excited about.